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Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gift begins, and if you turn your attention in the direction of chocolate, you have an easy path ahead. A box of chocolates is the ultimate present. You can gift it to work colleagues, clients, families, kids, that special someone in your life, or even to yourself, and everyone is sure to be pleased.

So now is the time to get in early and place an order for Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes at the Chocolate Box. And if online ordering is not your thing, remember that you can always visit a Chocolate Box store near you to find the perfect gift.

Why Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes Make Perfect Gifts

Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes are the embodiment of a perfect gift during this upcoming season of joy. In each box, there's something to tantalise every chocolate lover's taste buds. You can opt for dedicated milk or dark chocolate boxes if you’re buying for those with a particular preference, or you can choose an assorted chocolate box that features a mix of milk, dark, and white chocolates (covering delectable chocolate centres) for those who like all flavours.

A Christmas Chocolate Box is the perfect thing to enjoy after you’ve finished wrapping presents on Christmas eve, or to pass around the dining table after dinner on Christmas day. And your workmates will certainly appreciate it if you bring along a special Christmas Chocolate Box to a meeting in the lead up to the holidays!

The Chocolate Box’s Signature Box of Classic Assorted Chocolates

These beautifully-wrapped boxes of chocolates are a work of art in themselves, offering a delightful variety of milk, dark, and white chocolates, each crafted in interesting shapes and  uniquely decorated. From European-inspired signature pralines to marzipan, liqueurs, creams, buttercreams, and nut combinations, these chocolates leave no flavour wish unfulfilled. With shapes ranging from rectangles and diamonds to love hearts and ball-shaped chocolates, they pique the interest of children and adults alike. For a modest gift, the Classic Assorted Chocolate Boxes in 175g, 355g are perfect. If you’re being more generous, or buying for a family, the 530g or jumbo 1kg box will ensure there is plenty to share around.

Classic Dark and Classic Milk Chocolate Boxes for Discerning Chocolate Lovers

For those who have a clear chocolate preference, you can give a box of solely dark or milk chocolates. The Chocolate Box offers Classic Dark Chocolate Boxes in 175g and 355g sizes for those who prefer their pralines and liqueurs enveloped in rich, dark chocolate. 

For those with a penchant for creamier delights, the Classic Milk Chocolate Boxes, also in 175g and 355g in the same sizes are the perfect chocolates to savour.

Chocolate Houses for Kids and Adults

A box of chocolates need not be square or rectangular. Christmas themed chocolate houses are an enchanting way to present chocolates, especially for kids. The Santa House Christmas Box and the Rudy Reindeer House Christmas Box offer an immersive chocolate experience for both adults and kids. Additionally, the Christmas Tree shaped Adlers Assortment and Christmas Wreath shaped Gift Box provide delectable options that make for elegant gifts.

The Chocolate Box’s Anniversary Box - Filled with Australian Classics!

The Chocolate Box's Anniversary boxes are a celebration of timeless Australian favourites. The Anniversary Assortment Chocolate Box (250g) and 150g version include an assortment of treats like Almond Brittle, Lime Cream, Mint Cream, Strawberry Jelly, Caramel, Apricot Nougat, Peanut Cluster, Coconut Rough, and Orange Cream. While these Aussie beauties are available year-round, the Christmas-themed wrapping makes these boxes an ideal gift for the holiday season, offering something to suit everyone's tastes.

Chocolate Boxes as Easy Corporate Gifts

Finding a thoughtful corporate gift is simplified with our chocolate boxes. These boxes come in Christmas-themed packaging, and personalisation options allow you to include your brand name on individual chocolate wrappers, custom ribbons, stickers, swing tags, and tissue paper. Contact us at, and we'll ensure your clients and employees receive a gift that reflects your gratitude. Christmas chocolate boxes also make excellent Kris Kringle gifts, as chocolate is universally cherished!

Order a Christmas Chocolate Gift Box Today

A Christmas Chocolate Gift Box is a desirable gift that guarantees smiles and spreads joy during the holiday season. With an array of options to suit various tastes and preferences, there's no reason to miss out on this delightful tradition. 

Pre-order your Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes from the Chocolate Box today to ensure a sweet and memorable Christmas celebration. Don't forget to explore our Christmas Chocolate Gift Hampers and Chocolate Advent Calendars for other festive chocolate gifts.

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