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Our sought after wooden crates are back for Christmas and filled with delicious festive favourites including 50th Anniversary Assortment Gift Box 150g, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Jellies 200g, Milk Chocolate foiled baubles 150g, Assorted Chocolate Coated Fruit and Nut Mixture 150g bag.

The crate, which measures 273mm X 247mm X 90mm, comes with a clear acetate lid that fits nicely around the chocolates, and is finished with a gold stretchy ribbon. 

Write a message for your order during checkout and we will include a complimentary Noel gift card with your message inside.  

If you wish to deliver this hamper to multiple addresses just choose the number of hampers, place your order, and email us your address list immediately afterwards to 

Products inside this hamper may vary due to availability. In this situation, we will replace the product with a similar item to the same dollar value.  
  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Jellies 200g bag,
  • Assorted Chocolate Fruit & Nut 150g bag,
  • Milk Chocolate Christmas Baubles, small bag,
  • Anniversary Assortment small box 150g. 
If you wish to deliver this hamper to multiple addresses, simply place your order to one of the addresses, and then email with the remaining addresses for the rest of the hampers, and we will arrange this for you.
Free Standard Shipping is available for orders over $85 per location. 

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