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Easter Boxed Chocolates

Boxed Easter Chocolates - The Perfect Gift!

Whilst Easter is traditionally all about the eggs and bunnies, sometimes we want something a little more sophisticated when buying an Easter gift for someone else. Of course Easter egg chocolate is delicious (especially when it comes from the Chocolate Box), but sometimes we want something a touch different at Easter time, and boxed chocolates are the perfect option!

With an Easter gift box from the Chocolate Box, you can be sure your recipients will be entertained by each individual chocolate they draw from their box. Every chocolate is sure to be filled with something delicious, like marzipan, European-style praline, cream, buttercream, chocolate and nut combinations, or liqueur flavours. Add to that, some of our chocolate boxes contain an assortment of dark, milk and white chocolates, so those special people in your life can explore rich cocoa and sweet flavours all in the one box.

We also offer Easter gift boxes that include dark or milk chocolate only, so if you know your friends or family only eat one type, then you know the box to go for!

The great thing about Easter gift boxes is they come in a range of sizes, so whether you’re gifting a box to just one person, or to an entire family or work team, there’s the perfect-sized box available at Chocolate Box. For example, our Classic Assorted Chocolate Box comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from 175 g boxes (12 pieces) to 1 kg boxes (80 pieces). So whether you’re buying a box of chocolates for you and your partner, or a box to take to a large Easter gathering, there’s a box suitable for every occasion! And since our Easter gift boxes contain such tasty chocolates, there’s sure to never be enough!

How are our Easter boxes presented? Our boxes are lightweight, with all the weight being in the chocolates! They are sleek, white boxes, beautifully presented with a neat ribbon on top and a ‘Happy Easter’ gift tag. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of chocolates in different shapes, with uniquely textured surfaces, so each will provide its own textural experience when you eat it. Add to that, some chocolates in our Easter boxes come individually wrapped, so there’s that little bit of fun in unwrapping our enticing chocolates!

And for those who still want something more ‘Easter-y’, we have a gorgeous 9 piece Easter Caramels & Truffles Gift Box that includes soft caramels with handmade sugar Bunny and Chick decorations. Plus, there’s our range of very Easter-themed chocolate gift boxes in our Easter Hampers & Gifting collection, that include all the usual suspects like Easter Bunnies, Easter Bilbies, Easter Eggs, Easter Sparkles and more, all wrapped up in a child-friendly carry box. The collection also offers Easter egg boxes including the Big Easter Box, the Easter Favourite Box, and the Variety Easter Box, to name but a few enticing options for Easter chocolate lovers!

Lastly, we must mention that we have delicious vegan, gluten free, dairy free & nut free chocolate gift options available in our Easter dietary range, including the Easter TreatBox Dietary and the Moo Free Egg Hunt Kit.

At Chocolate Box, there’s a box of chocolates for everyone!


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