Chocolate Sampler, Brown 3-Layer Keepsake "Jewellery Box" Hamper



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Our amazing 3 tray Chocolate Sampler Jewellery Box Hamper, filled with small bars, frogs and Power Pops packs, is a selection made of pure joy. The bars include milk, dark, extra dark, ruby, and peppermint truffle and the frogs come in four varieties inlucing caramel, white, ruby and milk. The jewellery box is made of thick card, with a brown leatherette texture, lined with gold paper. It can be conveniently used to store your keepsakes and trinkets after the chocolates have been sampled. 

This box measures 290mm X 177mm X 118mm high approx.

Please note the peanut butter frogs pictured are no longer available and have been replaced with white frogs. 

  • 2 X Extra Dark Bar 45g
  • 2 X Ruby Chocolate Bar 45g
  • 2 X Milk Chocolate Bar 45g
  • 2 X Dark Chocolate Bar 45g
  • 2 X Milk Chocolate Foiled Solid Frog Twin-pack 40g
  • 1 X Peppermint Truffle Bars Twin-pack 80g
  • 2 X Power Pops 65g 
  • 2 X Caramel Frogs Twin-pack 40g
  • 2 X White frogs Twin-pack 40g
  • 2 X Ruby Frogs Twin-pack 40g

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