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Christmas Trug Hamper Basket Small


This wooden carry basket holds a selection of enjoyable baked goods and Christmas novelties from our Christmas range. Once the chocolates have been enjoyed, and you've gobbled up the biscuits and pudding, you can use this wonderful wooden gardening trug to display your fruits and vegetables on your kitchen table or carry your herbs and flowers from the garden.

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  • Small Milk Chocolate Bells Bag.
  • Small Milk Chocolate Santas bag.
  • Christmas Biscuits Pack.
  • Small baked pudding. 
  • Novelty glitter tube. 

The Sussex Trug

These wooden trugs are handmade in Sussex, UK, by a local family-run business, who for the past 150 years, have been making the Sussex Trug with a simple design, using local native materials. Young coppiced Sweet Chestnut, split and seasoned, makes a strong and light frame for the basket, then flexible and light willow boards give it a body. Two lengths of Chestnut are cut to appropriate lengths, then shaved by hand with drawknife before being steam bent around their corresponding formers, one for the handle and one for the rim. These make the frame of the trug.

The boards to fit are sawn from clefts of willow. These are then cut to the correct length and width before being shaved thinner either end, soaked in water and pressed into the frame and pinned into place with cut copper tacks. Small willow feet are added for stability and with a coat of linseed oil the Sussex Trug is then ready for years of faithful service. 

Size: 13cm (with handles folded down) X 28cm X 22cm. 

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