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Easter chocolates!  

When Easter approaches, it’s good to know there’s a one-stop-shop where you can buy all the chocolate delights you could possibly hope for! Chocolate Box is the place to buy chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and bilbies, Easter chocolate gift boxes and Easter hampers. Whatever your preferred type of chocolate, or whether you have a dietary restriction, we have something delicious for you to enjoy this Easter. And if you’re looking for Easter gift ideas for colleagues, friends, or family, we have something you’ll feel super pleased to give!

Easter eggs

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate eggs! Whether you’re buying eggs for an Easter egg hunt, eggs to sit on the table as an offering to family or guests, or eggs to tuck away in the cupboard for yourself, we have all the Easter eggs you could want. To start with, we have an array of bagged mini Easter eggs wrapped in colourful foil, and available in a range of flavours including Strawberry Truffle, Turkish Delight, Peppermint Truffle, Hot Cross Bun, Caramel, Hazelnut Praline and more. We even have assorted mini egg bags if you want a few flavours in one package.

If you’re looking for larger-sized eggs to give your kids or your partner as an Easter gift, we have flavoursome chocolate eggs, like our Coconut Rough Milk Chocolate, Freeze Dried Strawberry, Popping Candy and Strawberries and Cream eggs, to name but a few. We also have our flat 120g Egg with Chocolate Gems and 200g Sparkle Egg, which are hits with adults and children alike.


Speaking of kids, our Easter collection is packed with novelty Easter treats, like our Gingerbread Bunny with Sparkle Tail, our Easter Bunny, our individually wrapped Easter Chicks and Crazy Rooster chocolates, and our Bunty Chicken chocolate! We also have a bilby-licious Easter bilby and mini egg combo in a range of chocolate types, including Ruby, Caramel, White, Dark and Milk Chocolate bilbies. The great thing about these bilbies is that we send a percentage of profits from bilbies sold to the Save the Bilby fund!


Then of course, we have all the chocolate Easter Bunnies you could hope for, including a Vegan Dark Chocolate Novelty Picnic Bunny, White Chocolate Novelty Picnic Bunny, and a Easter Novelty Box !

For extra special gifts for your child this Easter, we have the gorgeous Musical Mushroom Tin and Musical Bunny Tin, which are filled with delicious wrapped chocolates with hazelnut, milk and praline fillings.

Easter chocolates for all!

Now for those large Easter gatherings! We all know Easter’s a time when families get a few days in a row to spend together, so what better way to enjoy family time than with chocolate?

If you want to slide a chocolate egg into every guest’s pocket, our Hazelnut Gianduja Eggs are just the trick. And for a more sophisticated option, we have beautifully presented chocolate boxes that include a range of assorted chocolates—some individually wrapped—with something to appeal to everyone.

For a cute treat for the table, we have our open half chocolate eggs, filled with mini eggs and other delights in flavours like strawberry, peppermint truffle, milk chocolate raspberries, chocolate macadamias, dark chocolate ginger, and more.

And for a little bit of everything wrapped up together, our special Easter boxes from our Easter Hampers and Gifts collection are perfect! They come with an assortment of chocolate delights, and in a range of sizes, so if you want something for a small family, a Variety Easter Box will have plenty to go around. For a large family, or for a gathering with friends or relatives, a large hamper like our Big Easter Box, Chocolicious Box, Easter Favourite Box or Easter Indulgence Box will be devoured in a hurry!

Chocolate, no matter your dietary requirements!

Finally, let’s mention our Easter chocolate for those with special dietary requirements. Our Easter Vegan and Dietary range includes enticing chocolates for those who need to avoid gluten, nuts, eggs and dairy. So if you’re vegan, gluten free or nut free, you don’t need to miss out this Easter!

Our Australia-wide delivery means that we can send your chocolates anywhere. And if you live in Melbourne city or select Melbourne suburbs, we offer same day delivery if you order before 10am!


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