Our Story 






The Chocolate Box is an Australian owned company celebrating over 60 years in chocolate.

The Chocolate Box - 60 Years in the Making

The Chocolate Box was started by Rose and Richard Adler in 1958, when they bought a chocolate shop called Smile Away Chocolates, situated on Camberwell’s famous Burke Road in Melbourne. 

The previous owner, Miss Reed, showed the hard-working couple how to make her delicious chocolates from her small back-of-shop kitchen. These chocolates have evolved to become a regular feature of our gourmet range.

Today, the business is owned and operated by Paul Ryan, a passionate retailer who admires the rich history of The Chocolate Box and the generations of loyal customers. He is dedicated to combine the history, together with an exciting vision for The Chocolate Box so it will be enjoyed by many future generations to come.

Importing popular international chocolate brands and following global trends allowed The Chocolate Box to introduce their customers to exciting new gourmet tastes and chocolate-making techniques coming out of Europe over the decades.

Today, whilst still importing fine ranges from chocolatiers, the focus in on our own range with over 90% Australian made by chocolate artisans.

We specialise in premium and accessible Australian made chocolate and confectionery featuring quality keepsake gift boxes, hampers, panned/enrobed chocolate sweets and nuts, blocks, confectionery, chocolate novelties and so much more.

Product sampling, boutique hand-packaged products, custom made hampers, corporate gifting, gift-wrapped assortments, seasonal products, together with passionate staff both in-store and on-line remain the focus for our customers to receive a memorable experience.

Generations of families continue to enjoy The Chocolate Box treats and we are delighted to see younger generations experiencing our rich history and enjoying delicious chocolates.

The core retail philosophy still followed to this day is the principles set by the Adler family, and The Chocolate Box still remains a family owned and operated business.