Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate, sometimes called the fourth chocolate or pink chocolate, is an exciting new natural chocolate flavour developed by Callebaut. If you’re looking for a unique chocolate, look no further!

Ruby Chocolate is a perfect combination of sweet and sour, with a wonderful berry-like undertone, giving it a unique taste which is extremely different from the existing milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. Ruby Chocolate was only recently released in Australia. Shop our Ruby Chocolate range!

Where can you buy pink chocolate?

You can buy our ruby chocolate online, or at one of our stores in Melbourne or Sydney. The Chocolate Box has developed the perfect range of new ruby chocolate products for you to try. If you’re looking for a unique chocolate gift, ruby chocolate is the perfect choice! Ruby Chocolate is the first new chocolate to be discovered since white chocolate was discovered in 1930.

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Our ruby chocolate range includes the beautiful Belgian Ruby Chocolate with Freeze Dried Berry and Cherry Sprinkles, which is so pretty, and ready to be eaten. With its delicate decorations, this pink bar will be the star of any event.

Our Pink Chocolate Callets are also suitable to be eaten right from the bag, (we certainly have), but are also ideal for melting to use in your own pink chocolate creations.