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Giving gifts in the corporate world can be a delicate business. It can be all too easy to put a foot wrong by giving the wrong kind of gift, giving too small a gift, or not giving a gift at all.

That’s why we at The Chocolate Box strongly believe that chocolate is the first thing you should consider when choosing the perfect corporate gift!

Chocolate is a universally-loved treat that almost everyone appreciates receiving, and even if your recipient doesn’t eat the chocolate themselves, they’ll share it with others who will! Basically, chocolate never goes to waste, so consider giving it to your clients, employees, workmates, and other stakeholders who in some way contribute to your business’s success.


There’s nothing quite like receiving a handsomely-wrapped box of chocolates or a hamper filled with chocolate goodies. Chocolate speaks to our hearts, as well as our tummies. Most of us associate eating chocolate with special times where we take a moment to relax and savour the delicious combination of sugar and cocoa. It might be on a team morning tea break. It might be during an end-of-week celebration. It might be solo, on your lunch break, but it’s sure to be enjoyed.

Giving chocolate is that comfortable mix of professional and personal. It can’t offend, and can mean as little or as much as it needs to mean. Overall, there is no doubt that when you receive chocolate, you feel pampered and cherished.


Sometimes, there’s a limit on how much you can spend on corporate gifts. This might be because the purse strings are tight after a challenging year, or because your recipient’s organisation has a strict corporate gifting policy, and can only receive gifts below a certain value. It might also be that the work team is pooling together funds for a gift for a departing employee, and individuals can only chip in so much. This is why chocolate is such a great option in these circumstances, as you can purchase chocolate corporate gifts at a range of price points.

The Chocolate Box offers chocolate corporate gifts available in prices ranging from approximately $20 (Thank You Bag), to approximately $170 (Classic Assorted Chocolate Box (1kg)), plus a range of prices in between. Every chocolate box or hamper comes tastefully presented, so no matter the spend, your recipient will receive beautifully-packaged, high-quality chocolates.



Whether you’re farewelling a valued employee, thanking a coworker for their help on a project, or showing gratitude to a client for their support during the year, giving a beautifully presented box of high-quality chocolates, or a hamper filled with carefully curated chocolate indulgences, is the ultimate way to say thanks.

That’s why The Chocolate Box has put together a range of chocolate boxes and hampers that should easily satisfy your corporate gifting needs. Below are some ideas for chocolates to buy for different reasons and occasions.

To Say Congratulations

You may be rewarding staff for their hard work throughout the year, or congratulating an employee on a new role or qualification. Whatever the case, congratulating them with chocolate is a worthy idea. Here are some options:

To Say Thank You

You might be thanking an employee for their service, or a client for their business. Our Thank You bags, boxes and hampers are a great gift solution. Consider the:

To Say Good Luck and Farewell

Buying a gift for someone going on parental leave, or retiring? Think about what they might need on their journey. If they are becoming new parents, a Survival Kit might come in handy! For those retiring from work, an Ultimate Party Box might be apt!

Buying thank you chocolates is made easy with The Chocolate Box. Here are some good ideas for chocolate gifts for departing staff:

To Mark an Occasion

For certain seasons and occasions, it’s lovely to send festive corporate gift boxes and hampers to staff, coworkers or clients. For these events, chocolates from The Chocolate Box make for simple-to-arrange corporate gifts that can be posted anywhere in Australia.

Choose from our Christmas*, Lunar New Year, and Easter** chocolate collections for corporate gift ideas to match your festive event. Or simply shop from our Corporate Gifting range for chocolates that will suit at any time of year, for any festive occasion.

*Look out for our ‘Christmas and End of Year Gifting Guide’, which we publish late in the year. In this guide, we showcase our collection of Christmas corporate gifts ideas in varied price ranges. Peruse the guide, choose your gift, submit an order form and we’ll send the gift to your recipient. It’s so easy! Note that you can add a personalised message if you wish.

**On a similiar note, Easter is coming up. For corporate Easter gifts, consider these small chocolate Neapolitans with Easter-themed messages for your staff (Easter Chocolate Neapolitans 15pce & Easter Chocolate Neapolitans 30pce ). Or grab a Bilby-licious Box or Bilby Family Box to share amongst the team at work. We have a huge range of Easter chocolate boxes, Eggs, Bunnies and Bilbies available this year, so explore our Easter Collection to find your gift.

Personalised Chocolates

Want to promote your business as you send a generous corporate gift? The Chocolate Box offers personalised chocolate options, so that your clients have your business name firmly in mind as they chew their delicious chocolates!

The personalised chocolate options we offer include:

  • Custom-wrapped chocolate neapolitans, wrapped in a full-colour wrapper with your business name, or other relevant message of your choice,
  • Custom-wrapped 100G blocks of chocolate, featuring your branding,
  • Customised stickers, swing tags, ribbons and tissue paper that adhere to your corporate branding requirements,
  • Complimentary gift cards that can include your business logo, as well as personalised messages to your recipients, &
  • Complimentary gift wrapping.

We have an in-house graphic designer who can design something just for you, or work with your own design and branding. Give us a call on +61 3 9676 6477 and we can discuss your requirements.

Corporate Gifts Australia Wide

We understand employees and clients are often spread about the country, so it’s not always easy to get a gift to them. We can assist! The Chocolate Box can send our products to anywhere in Australia. So getting a corporate gift to your recipient is as easy as choosing your gift online, and making your order!

Looking for a different corporate gift idea? Check out Tea Tonic's range of organic teas and tea gifts. Ideal for any occasion, they're a perfect alternative. Give them a try today!

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