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With the Kris Kringle and stocking filler gift exchange traditions fast approaching, you may find yourself pondering what will be the perfect gift to give to share the festive spirit. The Chocolate Box offers a delectable array of options, making chocolate a wonderful choice for these cherished holiday customs.

The Kris Kringle Tradition:

The Kris Kringle gift exchange, where participants draw a name and purchase a gift for that individual, has a rich history and is a popular tradition in workplaces and among friends and family. While it's a fun tradition, finding the right Kris Kringle gift can be a challenge, especially when you don't know your recipient well. That's where chocolate comes in as an ideal choice. Chocolate is a universally beloved treat, and if you give it, you know your gift will be appreciated. The Chocolate Box's collection of Kris Kringle and stocking filler gifts is budget-friendly, with all options priced under $20.

Top Picks for Kris Kringle Gifts:

See our collection of gifts for Kris Kingle. Here are some highlights!

  • Asbach Brandy Bottles: These German classics are perfect for those who enjoy chocolate liqueurs. They feature fine liquor-filled dark chocolate bottles (56%) with brandy filling (44%).
  • Milk Christmas Baubles: These solid creamy milk chocolate Christmas baubles simply melt in the mouth. Each bauble is individually wrapped in festive gold, red, and green metallic foils.
  • Christmas Jellies: These fruity jelly stripes in red, green and white have a dusting of sugar crystals, and provide a sweet and soft treat.
  • Reindeer Poo: Give your recipient a giggle with these humorous (but not real) Reindeer Poo chocolates. They consist of fresh white and pink marshmallows with a crisp layer of fine dark chocolate.
  • Dark Christmas Bells: Your recipient will devour these delectable dark chocolate Christmas bells. They might even share them around!

The Christmas Stocking Tradition:

Hanging stockings for Christmas is a beloved tradition, where kids eagerly anticipate finding their stockings filled with eye opening surprises on Christmas morning. To enhance the experience of opening the stocking, adding chocolates presented in vibrant-coloured wrappers, or festively decorated gift boxes. The stocking will be an instant hit with your children!

Top Picks for Christmas Stockings

Here are some fantastic choices for Christmas stockings:

  • Christmas Dark Chocolate Mint Sparkles: Enjoy the delicious combination of dark chocolate disks infused with a rich mint flavour and adorned with vibrant green candy sparkles. These sparkles add a festive touch to this delicious treat.
  • Christmas House with Hazelnut Pralines: Kids will be thrilled to discover a festive Christmas house filled with creamy milk chocolate hazelnut pralines. It's like a magical window into holiday sweetness!
  • Christmas Solid Chocolate Novelties: These Belgian milk and white chocolate novelties come in the shapes of Christmas puddings, trees, snowmen, reindeer, and Santa. They’re perfect for adding a touch of festive magic to any stocking.
  • Christmas Chocolate Koalas: These adorable solid chocolate Koalas in Santa hats are made with fine milk chocolate. They are sure to bring smiles and holiday cheer to the little ones.

Find Kris Kringle and Stocking Gifts at the Chocolate Box!

Christmas-themed chocolates are always a welcomed addition to both Christmas stockings and Kris Kringle gifts. Don't wait too long to order your Christmas Kris Kringle and stocking filler gifts from the Chocolate Box. With a wide range of options, you'll find the perfect treats to spread joy and sweetness this holiday season.

Don’t forget to also explore our Christmas Chocolate Gift Hampers, Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes and Chocolate Advent Calendars for more festive chocolate gift options. 


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